NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System)是电信行业专业术语,表示网络设备构建系统。它是贝尔实验室在70年代提出的一个概念,旨在帮助电话设备制造商了解服务供应商的需求和环境。它已经发展到一组规定电信环境中电信级设备可操作性的规范或测试。 NEBS describes the environment of a typical Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) Central Office (CO). This des cription includes spatial and environmental criteria. Typical equipment line-ups are described including the environment they''re exposed to.
NEBS was developed by Bell Labs back in the 1970s to standardize equipment that would eventually be installed in a CO. The intent was to make it easier for a vendor to design equipment compatible with a typical RBOC CO. This would result in lower development costs and ease the equipment''s introduction into the network.

What is the main document that makes up NEBS?
The main Bellcore document is GR-63-CORE, Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Requirements: Physical Protection
This document identifies the minimum spatial and environmental criteria used for new telecommunications equipment to be used in an RBOC''s CO.
The spatial criteria covers:安装空间要求
* cable distribution systems
* distributing and interconnecting frames
* power equipment
* operations support systems
* cable entrance facilities
The environmental criteria covers:工作环境要求
* temperature & humidity
* fire resistance
* equipment handling
* earthquake
* office vibration & transportation vibration
* airborne contaminants
* acoustic noise
* illumination

NEBS认证标准分为三种级别,每个级别有自己的目标和用途,但第3级确保最大的设备可操作性,用于关键网络设备。 X335和x343提供符合NEBS 第3级标准的产品。What is "NEBS Level 3"? "NEBS Level 3" is a term from Bellcore special report, SR-3580. This report details 3 distinct functional levels of NEBS compliance based on GR-63-CORE and GR-1089-CORE. The levels allow a wide range of NEBS requirements to be applied to equipment based on application and network impact.

NEBS第1级是指设备通过了确保网络设备中安全部署的一系列最小测试。"NEBS Level 1" means that people and equipment hazards and network degradation are minimized. NEBS Level 1 addresses the personnel and equipment safety requirements of GR-63-CORE and GR-1089-CORE. This is useful for getting prototypes into a lab trial. It''s also a requirement that is imposed on Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) in order for them to deploy equipment into an RBOC''s network. This level doesn''t address operability, this is addressed in Levels 2 and 3.

NEBS第2级提供网络设备中设备可操作性的有限保证。"NEBS Level 2" addresses equipment operability, but in a controlled environment. For example, equipment could be used in a data center, however, if the equipment performs non-critical operations it could be used under environmental extremes. Note that this level is very rarely used because it is ambiguous.

NEBS第3级(最苛刻的 “压力”测试) 提供网络设备中设备可操作性的最大保证。
"NEBS Level 3" means the equipment is in the network for the long haul. We''re talking about Carrier Class with this stringent level. The equipment will operate under the environmental extremes found in a central office. In a nutshell, the equipment meets all of the requirements of GR-63-CORE and GR-1089-CORE.

NEBS标准 – 一组基本的设备规范,设计用于:
** 确保设备与电话行业的电子环境的兼容性
** 简化设备规划和安装
** 保护电信设备不会出现由于不兼容设备导致的业务宕机
** 防止干预许可的无线电发射机和其它极其类似的电信设备
** 最大限度地降低电信设备发生火灾的风险
** 确保设备在电信环境中规定的温度、湿度、振动、空气污染范围内运行
** 确保地震情况下设备和业务的可抗损毁性
** 保护员工免受伤害

Bellcore(Bell Co mmunications Re search, Inc)成立于1984年,由AT&T中的中心服务组织剥离而成立。1997年,Bellcore被SAIC(Science Applications International Corporation )公司收购更名为Telcordia. NEBS标准1997年前由Bellcore拥有,1997年之后由Telcordia保有。

Test Item
Spatial 安装空间
Low Temp Storage 低温存储
High Temp Storage 高温存储
High R/H Storage
Op Temp/Humidity(Hardened Criteria)
Altitude Test
Fire Spead
Needle Flame
Packaged Drop 跌落测试
Office Vib
Earthquake Simulation Test 地震模拟测试
Transportation Vib 运输震动
Earthquake Simulation Test
Transportation Vib
Hygroscopic Dust
Mixed Flow Gas(Outdoor Level)
Acoustic Noise 噪音
Heat Dissipation
Temp Margin Test 温度裕量
Fan Failure
Surface Temp
Trans Vib(GR-3108)
Cold Start at -40 Deg C(GR-3108) -40°C冷启动
Temp/Humidity Cycle(GR-3108)
Power Interface Req(AC and DC)
Salt Fog UUT(180 hrs of exposure)
Low Level Vib Resistance

ESD 静电放电(Electrostatic discharge)
EFT 电快速瞬变脉冲群(Electrical fast transient burst)
Conducted Emissions 传导干扰
Radiated Emissions 辐射干扰
R&D Radiated Emissions(Repeat w/ all units)
R&D Radiated Emissions(Repeat w/ all units)
Radiated Immunity
Conductive Immunity
Short-Circuit Test
First Level Lightning Surge 雷涌
1st Level Lighting Protection
2nd Level Lightning Protection
Indra Building Lightning
First Level AC Fault
Current Limiting Protection
Second Level Power Fault
Lightning Protection
Short Circuit
Lightning Criteria
Steady State Power Induction
DC Potential Difference
Electrical Safety
Bonding & Grounding
DC Power Test 直流电源测试

Then you can added ETSI Test
For ex.
Test Item
ETSI Package Bump Shock 包装撞击
ETSI Operational Shock
ETSI Change In Temperature
ETSI Water Test(6mm/min for 15 min,for ex.)
ETSI Damp Heat Cyclic 湿热循环

ETSI EFT-AC Port 交流电源
ETSI Radiated Emissions EMI
ETSI Conducted Emissions-DC Ports
ETSI Conducted Emissions-Ac Ports
ETSI Harmonics
ETSI Flicker(AC)
ETSI RF Conducted Immunity
ETSI Surge Test(AC) 浪涌
ETSI Voltage Dips/Interruptions
ETSI Power Freq-Magnetic Field

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